Article Title: Using the built-in tools to fix database structure issues.
Article ID: 2007-01-05-001 Last Updated:06/01/2007 17:32

In some circumstances the automatic database update process can run and not result in a database that exactly matches the structure Bike Logs was expecting. Such a situation will normally result in a Database structure checksum mismatch error message when Bike Logs loads.

This could be due to:

  • The data type or size of one or more fields may have changed (the automatic update process does not make field design changes).
  • A table or field may have been removed or renamed (the automatic update process does not delete deprecated tables or fields).
  • You are using an older version of Bike Logs with an updated database and Bike Logs does not recognise new fields or tables used by later versions.
  • You have modified the tables or fields in some way for your own requirements and the checksum of your database does not match what Bike Logs was expecting.
  • All of these issues can be resolved using the 'Database Maintenance' menu item found in the 'Tools' menu to access the Bike Logs Database window.

    Normal Bike Logs Database Window

    Normal Bike Logs Database Window

    This is the database window as it would normally appear, with options to create a new database, open another database or move the current database to another location. As well as options to compact and repair the current database or open it in the associated external program if one is installed (usually Microsoft Access).

    By default it will display all the table and field structure in a list. The field structure is shown in two columns, the first column indicates the actual database setting while the second column shows the required structure setting. Normally both of the field columns are identical.

    Additional Toolbar Buttons

    Additional Toolbar Buttons

    This is how the window looks if the database structure is not what Bike Logs was expecting.

    There are three additional buttons in the toolbar that deal with resolving database structure issues.

    The individual tables and fields with problems that need to be resolved are listed with icons that indicate the nature of the problem and are colour coded with red text.

    Invalid Fields Filter

    Invalid Fields Filter

    The first additional toolbar button hides all the fields that are valid from the list, allowing you to more easily identify the tables and fields that need fixing.

    Both valid and invalid tables are still displayed with missing or undocumented tables still using the same identifying icons and red text.

    If a table is missing or undocumented all of its fields will appear as invalid along with it, which is why we recommend a 'tables before fields' approach when fixing issues.

    Fix Selected Issue

    Fix Selected Issue

    The second additional toolbar button only becomes available when you highlight an item with a problem that needs resolving in the list.

    When an invalid table or field is selected the problem that needs resolving is displayed in the status bar and the toolbar button becomes available. You can also right click on the item in the list and choose to fix it from the context menu that will be displayed.

    Once a problem has been resolved it will be removed from the list, allowing you to work your way through the problems until the list is clear of all red items. It is recommended that any table related issues are fixed first, as this reduces the list of problems far more quickly.

    Approve Structure

    Approve Current Structure

    The third additional button is used to approve the structure of the database as it stands, allowing undocumented tables and fields can be retained without generating an error message when Bike Logs loads.

    If you have customised the database by adding tables or fields for your own use you will need make sure this button is in the pressed state to avoid Bike Logs complaining about them.

    Approving the structure advises Bike Logs the checksum is acceptable. If, at some point in the future, Bike Logs updates the database to support new features, the checksum will change and the error message will once again be displayed at startup until this button is pressed again.

    For a demonstration of the database maintenance options in use a video is available that shows how to remove the two deprecated fields identified after updating from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.6.

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